Plunging into Paris!

Paris´ true lifeblood can be found pumping through its architecture, event scenes, fashion, and neighborhoods´life. All we would agree on old Paris has to be the most beautiful city in Europe. Unfortunately, an epic blizzard with heavy snow collapsed the whole town the first time I visited it. Anuncios

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Futura free; wistfulness

In this series filmed in 2014, I reflect on the degradation of memories due to the passage of time and the influence of imagination. Focusing in particular on a different stage of my life, I express through these shots the wistfulness of an ending time, with some expectations and the fantasies I created afterwards. Leer Más

If I´m dancing with jellyfish

Here´s my little and modest contribution to Britney Spears´ new viral song, ´If I´m dancing´. Such a great single to promote ´Glory´album and make us dance all night long. Leer Más