Cadiz-fornia, next destination

Say that Cadiz is the Spanish version of California would automatically mean that you never stepped on one of the most famous American states. But, as you probably will know, Spain is also known for being as bizarre as it’s possible, so please don’t freak out. (This is written by one Spanish).

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Sunset at Rotterdam

The charming Dutch city of Rotterdam is known for many things – the harbor, Feyernord soccer team, architecture – but the striking sunset moment, it is not. This says more about a lack of understanding of the city’s charm than anything else. So, grab your bike and get ready to find out the most magical location […]

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Markthal Rotterdam

None denies Rotterdam’s architecture takes your breath away. Either because you don’t expect such abundance of shapes, towers and buildings; or because you simply rather Dutch classic houses and wind-mills. But the true is that Rotterdam has made from this anomaly its own identity. 

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Rotterdam, the second biggest city in The Netherlands, seen in less than two minutes. Internationally known for having the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is nowadays the future. After being bombed to smithereens during WWII, this atypical Dutch town has become a model of stunning architecture and multiethnic melting pot.

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